Galileo SkidCup Tire

The Galileo SkidCup tire helps cut skid steer downtime and boosts operator comfort, and will be exhibited during SIMA 2019.

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Galileo Wheel is set to release its Galileo SkidCup which uses the latest CupWheel technology for improved grip, traction and efficiency.

  • Provides extended machinery lifetime, increased comfort, and zero downtime with run flat capability
  • Features almost double the footprint of other tires
  • Offers better traction and grip for smoother operation and greater accuracy
  • Guarantees decreased tread wear and safe “double V shape” side walls for extended tire life
  • Larger foot print and improved “spring rate” creates smoother ride on all terrains and greater lateral stability
  • Provides greater load index to minimize unnecessary downtime
  • Fits seamlessly over all existing rims and skid steer platforms, with no need to modify or adjust any aspect of existing machinery 
  • Offers all of the advantages of pneumatic tires, solid tires and rubber tracks combined

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