Trelleborg to Unveil New VF1050/50R32 TM3000 Spreader Tire

Trelleborg's new VF1050/50R32 tire enables machines to carry up to 40% more load at the same tire pressure or inflate the tire with up to 40% less pressure to carry the same load.

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Trelleborg will unveil a new size of tire in its TM3000 range for spreader applications, the VF1050/50R32, with ProgressiveTraction technology at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, U.S. (February 15–18) and at SIMA 2017 in Paris, France (February 26–March 2).

Showcasing Trelleborg’s commitment to sustainable farming, the VF1050/50R32, a new size in the TM3000 range, has been developed to provide farming professionals with increased productivity, lowering overall operating costs while still respecting the environment in line with Trelleborg BlueTire technology.

The VF1050/50R32 offers the benefits of the VF construction and a D rated load index (65 km/h; 40 mph). Compared to standard options in the market, the VF construction allows the machine to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure or to inflate the tire with up to 40% less pressure while carrying the same load. This means that the tire can carry up to 13,200 kg (29,100 lbs.) at 3.6 bar (or 52 psi).  

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director at Trelleborg Agricultural and Forestry Tires, comments, “The new generation of spreader machines show an increasing need for carrying higher load while constantly reducing the contact pressure on the field to limit soil compaction during spreading operations.”

Another important feature is the adoption of Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction technology which not only increases traction, but helps protect the tire from stubble damage and improves road wear resistance and comfort. In addition, the rounded shoulder of the tread makes the VF1050/50R32 very respectful on soil and grassland, and improves machine handling.

“As the leading global indoor farming shows, the National Farm Machinery Show and SIMA provide the perfect opportunity to introduce the new size to the market. Producers from across the globe will benefit from this new tire size and the added technology it encompasses,” concludes Ciferri.