Trelleborg VF1050/50R32 TM3000 Spreader Tire

Trelleborg Vf1050 50r32 Nosc Tm3000 V2 58de9ebd435ea

Trelleborg unveils a new size of tire in its TM3000 range for spreader applications, the VF1050/50R32, with ProgressiveTraction technology.

  • Developed with Trelleborg BlueTire technology
  • VF construction and a D rated load index (65 km/h; 40 mph)
  • Compared to standard options in the market, the VF construction allows the machine to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure or to inflate the tire with up to 40% less pressure while carrying the same load; this means that the tire can carry up to 13,200 kg (29,100 lbs.) at 3.6 bar (or 52 psi)
  • Features the adoption of Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction technology which not only increases traction, but helps protect the tire from stubble damage and improves road wear resistance and comfort
  • Rounded shoulder of the tread improves machine handling on soil and grassland
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