Camso Acquiring Omni Industrial Tire

Camso's acquisition of Omni Industrial Tire will help build its service and distribution presence in Texas.

Solidealon Site Service
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Camso is growing its Material Handling distribution and tire service footprint in southern Texas through the acquisition of Omni Industrial Tire.

Omni Industrial is presently the second largest tire specialist in Texas, with four locations and a well-established reputation. “The acquisition of Omni Industrial Tire will enable Camso to further penetrate the Texas market and consolidate its leadership position in this region,” says Bob Bulger, Vice President and General Manager – Solideal On-Site Service. “Omni has a strong and respected name in Texas, and shares our unique view of providing OTR mobility solutions.”

The Material Handling equipment market in Texas represents a great opportunity for Camso – not only for tire distribution, but also for its independent service division, Solideal-On-Site Service. “Omni joins our service organization and will help us continue to deliver the highest level of commitment in industrial tire service,” adds Bulger.

Omni’s experience will contribute to Camso’s overall growth in this market by building upon its already strong tire distribution and service offering and, ultimately, by enhancing Camso’s overall customer experience.