BKT Main Sponsor of Xtractor Expedition to South Africa

The Xtractor is fitted with innovative, reliable, and resistant BKT tires.

Bkt Xtractor Day 3 (3)
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The 2018 edition of Xtractor has been officially presented and the destination disclosed: South Africa! The big news is the participation of the Italian Carabinieri Corps. At the Salvo D’Acquisto baracks of the Carabinieri in Rome, the Divisional General, Maurizio Detalmo Mezzavilla, Commander of the Carabinieri Mobile Unit Division in Rome, made his statement and confirmed the Corps’ support to the docu-reality show produced by Identity, sharing the message in favor of the environment and solidarity. A parade in style moved through the streets of the Italian capital city to welcome the 4-wheeled main characters on this trip. The breathtaking expedition will follow an itinerary of over 6,000 km passing through national parks, along gold mines and over the spectacular African plateau. BKT takes part right at the forefront next to the 7 Carabinieri, who will drive the tractors fitted with innovative, reliable, and resistant tires through the South-African adventure.

A splendid itinerary through the heartland of South Africa, a territory with picturesque landscapes in the midst of natural reserves and desert beaches bathed by the ocean. In this second expedition, Xtractor will take the audience to the great national parks populated by the Big Five, the vast vineyards of the Cape Winelands, and not least to the escarpment of the Drakensberg, the Mountain of Dragon, in Lesotho, reaching 3,482 m above sea level. And then again moving towards the sub-tropical coast of KwaZulu-Natal, the immense Karoo semi-desert, the locations on the Garden Route and not least Swaziland. All this and much more will be faced by the 16 people aboard 3 off-road vehicles and 4 latest-generation McCormick tractors with more than 1,000 overall horsepower – the latter equipped with BKT tires that could not be missed for such an occasion, including extreme tracks and exciting missions to be accomplished. Bkt Xtractor Day 4 (3)

Now that all details have been revealed, there is nothing to do but getting ready for departure.

“BKT is proud of taking and being part of this adventure under the sign of travel, agriculture, technology, and solidarity,” states Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe. “It will be exciting to see how things are developing day after day – even more so if we consider that we are doing this side by side with the Carabinieri Corps and AMREF, whose participation is evidence of the initiative’s importance. We are ready for departing and helping the African communities in their development or the improvement of their agricultural economy. We are really pleased that we can contribute to this good cause, providing the perfect tires for every challenge.”

Amref Italy and Amref South Africa have decided to participate in Xtractor, which - in addition to farming, travel, and technology - will also focus on matters of social responsibility, offering visibility to medical centers, schools and other offices that have already received contributions within the scope of projects against malnutrition, or in favor of good health practices, maternal and reproductive healthcare, and healthy growth in childhood. 

Starting from April 2018, the audience will be able to discover these place’s magic and fascination along with the excellent performance of BKT tires on BKT’s social channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.