The MICHELIN XTRA LOADGRIP RDT tires are suited for use in soft, muddy conditions and have a 16% higher payload ability due to a reinforced casing.

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Michelin Earthmover announces the next generation of rigid dump truck (RDT) tires, the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD range of ever “3-star” 24.00R35 size tires, which include the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP.

  • For soft, loose, muddy ground conditions
  • Reinforced casing provides 16% higher payload, or increase of 9 tons in load capacity per machine
  • Tread comprises 30% more lug edges
  • Increased grip improves braking, cornering and accelerating
  • Abile to drive 21 mph due to cooler internal running temperatures
  • Provides 8% more wear resistance, with more rubber in contact patch and improved damage resistance with corrosion-isolating steel cables
  • Replaces Michelin XDT and X Traction offers
  • TMPH is increased by at least 20.3% in A4 compound and 13.5% for B compound when compared against previous Michelin ranges
  • Greater volume of tread rubber in contact with ground contributes to better load distribution, improved wear resistance and increased life
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