Alliance 579 Multi-Purpose Radial Tire for Tractors

The Alliance 579 tire, introduced at Agritechnica 2019, features a deeper tread to improve traction while reducing soil compaction.

Alliance 579 30view

The Alliance 579 tire suits medium- and smaller-size utility and narrow-track tractors operating in grassed areas, vineyards and orchards.

  • Features radial design with robust woven belts and new R3+ tread
  • Deeper tread ensures significantly better traction than traditional R3 while minimizing possible soil compaction and plant/crop damage
  • Includes large number of lugs, steep centerline angle, and smooth, open channel
  • Delivers efficient and reliable grip, long service life, and excellent self-cleaning
  • Rounded, open shoulder
  • Radial construction reduces soil pressure, enhances traction and optimizes rolling behavior
  • Lug-to-void tread ratio of almost 50:50% ensures self-cleaning properties and careful treatment of crops
  • Suitable for wide variety of applications
  • Can serve as substitute for conventional R1, R3 or R4 tires in most cases
  • Available in multiple sizes for mounting on front and rear axles, from 220/55R12 for the front up to 420/70R24 for the rear
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