Yokohama RT31/RT32 E-3 Radial Tires for Scrapers

The Yokohama RT31/RT32 E-3 Radial Tires are designed to provide long-lasting traction and durability for scrapers.

Yokohama Rt31, Rt32

Yokohama Tire knows how important traction and durability are for scrapers which is why it has launched two radial E-3 tires, the non-directional RT31 and the directional RT32.

  • Available in size 37.25R35
  • Two advanced compounds offered
  • Low-heat generating REG compound suits longer haul applications
  • CP-S compound provides superior cut and chip resistance in aggressive material handling applications
  • Equipped with multi-layer, cross-ply steel belt package to ensure puncture resistance
  • RT31’s non-directional tread pattern features extra-large void-to-lug ratio for aggressive traction in soft or muddy terrain
  • RT32’s directional pattern has wide grooves that efficiently expel mud and dirt for ultimate traction
  • Flat base hexagonal bead construction ensures easier mounting and dismounting as it locks the bead in place to increase traction performance
  • Casing protection from exterior damage is ensured via high turn-up construction, which also improves lateral stability 
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