General Tire V.ply Earthmoving Tires

The General Tire V.ply Earthmoving Tires include six models which are specifically designed for use in off-road applications.

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General Tire has returned to the off-the-road market with the launch of its V.ply Earthmoving Tires.

  • Comprised of six designs for loaders, articulated dump trucks (ADTs), rigid dump trucks (RDTs) and scrapers
  • All tires in the range include the company's V.ply technology which enhances cross-ply technology with multiple cords arranged in a recognizable V-shape
  • V.ply technology combines robustness and tire stability with rim seat, force transmission and steering response in demanding vehicle operations
  • Includes up to 22 layers of high-resistance polymer fiber, precisely aligned in a V-pattern and embedded in up to three wire beads to deliver a sturdy tire construction
  • V.ply construction technology contributes to extraordinarily strong sidewalls, providing protection against tire punctures and cuts
  • TE65 is a low aspect ratio, wide base tire for wheel loaders and dozers operating in heavy-duty dig and load operations
  • TE191 is a heavy-duty wheel loader tire for dig and load operations
  • TE6 is a bi-directional L3 tire ideal for compact loader applications
  • TE188 bi-directional multipurpose earthmoving tire is designed for use on ADTs, RDTs, loaders and scrapers
  • TE132 is a wide base non-directional tire designed for dump trucks in harsh off-road conditions
  • TE11 features a rugged design and is primarily used for grading services up to 6 mph (9.7 kph)
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