Non-Pneumatic (Airless) Tire

Resilient Technologies' non-pneumatic tire is designed to provide continuous mobility in hostile military applications.

Hpim3176 10343607

The non-pneumatic (airless) tire, or NPT, from Resilient Technologies was designed to keep vehicles moving in even the toughest of military applications.

  • Provides continuous mobility in hostile terrain and following ballistic events
  • Will not flatten if shot or hit by shrapnel
  • Meets or exceeds speed, load, and performance requirements of current pneumatic tires
  • Utilizes polymeric web technologies
  • Steel cord and rubber compounds make up tread band whose internal structure assists with load bearing capacity
  • Polymeric web provides interconnection between tread band and rim, and supports vehicle load, primarily in tension, as well as buckles easily under compression       
  • Removable rim bolt pattern is compatible and interchangeable with current wheel designs
  • Offers low maintenance, puncture resistance and long wear resistance
  • Delivers strong load-bearing capabilities
  • Enables better distribution of pavement stress
  • Provides fuel efficiency due to lesser rolling resistance than pneumatic tires
  • Simplified manufacturing process allows cost-effectiveness