HDR Tire

Continental announces the release of its HDR tire which helps improve mileage by over 20%.

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Continental has launched its HDR (Heavy Drive Regional) tire in sizes 11R22.5 and 225/70R19.5.

  • Improves mileage and rolling resistance by 20% compared to predecessor
  • Mileage improvement is attained through tread optimization leading to 16% more overall tread volume
  • Features a high number of lateral sipes extending all the way through the shoulders to maintain superior traction levels throughout the life of the tread
  • Large number of circumferential grooves allows for the evacuation of traction-robbing mud and water, while the tire’s groove geometry reduces stone retention
  • Meets 2014 EPA and NHTSA “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles” targets for rolling resistance and emissions reduction
  • Offers speed rating “N”
  • Features a tread depth of 18/32 in.
  • Open shoulder tread pattern with tie-bar, which provides even tread wear along with reduced noise and excellent traction
  • Aggressive tread design provides lateral stability to minimize squirm and performance in wet conditions
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