Mitas PneuTrac

At Agritechnica 2013, Mitas will introduce its latest tire innovation, the Mitas PneuTrac which brings together aspects of pneumatic tires and rubber tracks.

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Mitas introduces its latest tire innovation which is called Mitas PneuTrac.

  • Brings together the best of both worlds of traditional pneumatic tires and rubber tracks 
  • Provides better traction efficiency with lower slippage, which results in lower operational costs and potentially higher crop yields when compared with standard tires
  • Ensures stable driving at low inflation pressures, thus ensuring comfort and safety with no need to adjust inflation pressure
  • Mountable on standard rims
  • Features 53% larger footprint than standard tire to provide higher tractive force and ensure gentle ground handling with lower and improved distribution of pressure to the ground for less soil compaction
  • Testing has demonstrated 167% higher lateral stability than standard tire
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