AxioBib IF900/65R46 Tractor Tire

Michelin has introduced the AxioBib IF900/65R46, considered to be the world's largest tractor tire to date.


Michelin has unveiled the world’s largest tractor tire, the MICHELIN AxioBib IF900/65R46.

  • Measures 900 mm wide and 2.32 m high
  • Features per-tire load capacity of 10,600 kg and maximum speed of 65 km/h3
  • Includes Michelin Ultraflex technology which allows operation at pressures as low as 0.8 bar, and can maximize footprint without compacting soil
  • Offers improved productivity and enhanced output due to improved traction
  • Oversize lugs and wide tread band transmit all of the tractor's power to the ground
  • Specially designed bead attachment avoids shifting on the rim, enabling tractors to transmit all engine torque without harming soil
  • Well suited for tractors which deliver more than 350 hp
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