TM3000 Tires for Cyclic Field Operations

Trelleborg has added a new tire size to its TM3000 line of tires designed specifically for Cyclic Field Operations (CFO).

Trelleborg Tm3000 11456069

Trelleborg has added another size to its TM3000 line, the IF800/70R38TL CFO 184A8. This line, specifically designed for Cyclic Field Operations (CFO), is Trelleborg's answer to the requirements of the latest generation of harvesters and combine machines.

  • Tread pattern, along with advanced casing design, maximizes load capacity of the tire at low inflation pressure to preserve soil and the environment
  • Designed according to Trelleborg’s BlueTire Technology to ensure low soil compaction, high load index and improved resistance to stable damage and impacts
  • Helps maximize harvesting productivity
  • Line is now available in three sizes, IF800/65R32, IF800/70R32 and IF800/70R38TL, and more sizes will be added in the future
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