Agrimax Force Radial Tire with IF Technology

BKT's Agrimax Force tire features IF technology that enables it to carry heavy loads at lower inflation pressures than standard tires for improved ground care.

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Agrimax Force, the high-end product of BKT, is a radial tire specially designed for high-power tractors (over 250 hp) in agricultural applications.

  • Ensures top performance and efficiency
  • Comfortable for both field operations and road transfers without the need for increasing the inflation pressure
  • Special casing structure allows for maximum sidewall flexibility for improved performance and long service life
  • Large footprint area and homogeneous pressure distribution on land provide good flotation performance for improved soil care
  • Carries same load as standard tire at lower inflation pressures
  • Polyester casing eliminates flat-spotting, a vibration linked to temporary tread flattening in the contact patch which is often triggered during restarts after long breaks at low inflation pressures with heavy loads
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