Agrimax Spargo Radial Sprayer Tire

BKT's Agrimax Spargo tire features high load carrying capacity at the same inflation pressure as a standard tire.

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Agrimax Spargo is the BKT specialized tire for row crop applications, projected to enhance productivity in the field by preserving the soil for the long term.

  • Features self-cleaning properties and a higher load capacity at standard pressure
  • Ensures good traction along with strong stability on the field and on road transfers
  • Allows for high carrying capacity by using same inflation pressure as a standard tire
  • Tire structure and lug design developed specifically to reduce soil compaction and optimize crop yield, as well as ensure traction performance and constant ground contact
  • Capable of traveling 65 km/h on the road with a speed index D
  • Provides maximum ride comfort on the road or in the field


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