Alliance Tire Group Galaxy Jumbo Hulk Tires

At INTERMAT 2015, Alliance Tire Group introduced its Galaxy Jumbo Hulk tires featuring an L-4 tread pattern with self-cleaning characteristics and resistance to harsh operating conditions.

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Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has introduced the Galaxy Jumbo Hulk tire for the compact utility market.

  • Available in the four sizes, 19.5L-24, 18.4-26, 16.9-28 and 16.9-30 for backhoe loaders as well as industrial tractors and machinery
  • Features unique L-4 tread pattern that was designed for severe operating conditions
  • Includes self-cleaning characteristics
  • Very deep tread provides excellent traction
  • High solid-to-void ratio ensures maximum possible contact area to the soil and a reduced rate of wear
  • Cut- and puncture-resistant, providing low or zero downtime and long service life 
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