Camoplast Solideal CMP 533 Soil Compactor Tire

During INTERMAT, Camoplast Solideal introduced its CMP 533 tire featuring an optimized tread pattern to minimize ground pressure.

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Camoplast Solideal has introduced the Solideal CMP 533 tire for soil compactors.

  • Features premium rubber compounds and enhanced tread depth
  • Includes Hauler stepped diamond profile and shoulder lugs which enhance traction thereby resulting in improved overall performance
  • Optimized tread pattern minimizes ground pressure and damage resulting in superior compaction performance
  • Provides balance between floatation and traction for all seasons and underfoot conditions
  • Robust carcass design enhances side impact resistance resulting in fewer flats
  • Flatter tread profile for optimized surface contact, shock absorption and vibration reduction at low inflation pressure
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