BKT Tires 580/80 R 34 IF Agrimax Teris Tire

The IF version of BKT Tires' Agrimax Teris tires features a large ground footprint and meets the reduced soil compaction and flotation needs of machinery working in cotton fields.

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BKT has recently developed the “IF” version of its Agrimax Teris tires in size 580/80 R 34 for harvesters.

  • Designed specifically for the purpose of supporting farm machinery in cotton fields, where resistance, flotation properties and reduced soil compaction are essential 
  • Features large footprint on the ground, in addition to high load capacity at lower pressures compared to a standard tire of the same size
  • Reinforced sidewall for improved resistance against damages such as those caused by stubbles on the field
  • Includes reinforced casing structure to ensure improved stability and handling
  • Helps enhance operator comfort 
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