Trelleborg Twin Forestry Tires Series

Trelleborg's Twin Forestry tires feature ProgressiveTraction technology and inter-lug terraces for enhanced traction and self-cleaning properties.

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Trelleborg has introduced the Twin Forestry tires series, which combines the best attributes of the previous range with innovative performance-enhancing technology.

  • Includes ProgressiveTraction and inter-lug terraces
  • Track compatible
  • Provides superior traction for tough forestry applications
  • ProgressiveTraction increases tire efficiency and performance based on the action of a double lug
  • Double lug operate on soil at different times, progressively releasing higher traction when required
  • Double lug design provides better floatation capability, producing even pressure distribution over the extra wide footprint and less impact on the forest floor
  • Inter-lug terraces prevent tread from clogging, and ensures self-cleaning capabilities that can always work at maximum efficiency
  • Made from a newly developed enhanced rubber compound
  • Improves track compatibility so that maximum grip and performance is achieved with and without tracks
  • Range consists of T440 and T480 Serie and existing T418 skidder range


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