Hutchinson Military Tactical Wheels

The Military Tactical Wheels from Hutchinson provide up to a 60% unsprung weight reduction and include an integrated Central Tire Inflation System to ensure tire lifespan.

Hutchinson 10056730

Hutchinson's Military Tactical Wheels offer a turnkey solution from concept to production. 

  • Provides up to 60% unsprung weight reduction, allowing for additional armoring, increased mileage, amphibious capability, improved dynamic behavior and increased cargo carrying capacity
  • Features integrated CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) whose patented design reduces the number of components
  • CTIS offers fewer leak points, improved reliability and tire life
  • Custom designs available, up to 36 in. diameter and 20,000-pound (9100 kg) loads
  • Aluminum construction provides excellent energy absorption characteristics for mine resistance
  • Mine blast tests have proven use of aluminum significantly reduces acceleration from a blast
  • Tactical cover provides protection to hubs and protruding components such as CTIS valve which are subjected to rough conditions during off-road use
  • Tactical cover is custom designed to each application, made of lightweight impact resistant polymer and can integrate customized features such as easy access, step function, thermal reduction characteristics or custom color match 
  • Tactical Deflation Safety System prevents removal of rim nuts while tire is still pressurized and allows for rapid deflation, up to three times faster
  • Tactical Deflation Safety System allows pressure to be released safely and quickly when compared to the current methods
  • Two-piece bolted together design can be disassembled and reassembled in the field with standard hand tools


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