Goodyear Optitorque Tire

Titan Tire introduces the Goodyear Farm Tires Optitorque tire featuring a wide, continuous arc lug design for wear resistance and self-cleaning.

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Goodyear Farm Tires, a Titan Tire Corporation brand, introduces the Optitorque tire.

  • Available in three sizes for spreaders, as well as flotation options for self-propelled sprayers, rear position on combines or front position on MFWD tractors
  • Features wide, continuous arc lug design for superior wear and self-cleaning action
  • Rounded shoulder with R1 tread depth ensures minimal soil disturbance
  • Provides lug stability and long wear, while also providing minimal soil compaction and ground disturbance

Optitorque 750/60R26

  • Ideally suited for front position on a 4WD spreader, or as a flotation option for front position on a small tractor or rear on a combine
  • Wider lug base promotes longer life and smoother roading
  • Wider footprint reduces ground pressure and soil compaction
  • Large nose and shoulder design reduce vibration and promote stability

Optitorque VF680/65R38 and LSW680/55R42

  • Ideally suited for smaller sprayers
  • 680 section width allows for maximum flotation while staying within the design parameters of the OE sprayer manufacturers
  • Able to carry significantly higher loads at lower inflation pressures as compared to standard tires
  • Lower inflation pressures reduce soil compaction and improve ride quality
  • Superior footprint over traditional narrow sprayer tires, as well as alternative 620 section-width options
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