Camso WHL 775 and WHL 773 Wheel Loader Tires

Camso has launched two new wheel loader tires, the WHL 775 and WHL 773, featuring rugged designs for optimal performance in harsh operating conditions.

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Camso – formerly Camoplast Solideal – has added two wheel loader tire solutions to its line-up, the Camso WHL 775 and the Camso WHL 773.

WHL 775

  • High performance design built to excel in severe conditions
  • Developed as a solution for harsh waste, recycling, demolition and scrap yard applications
  • Features extra deep L5 lug tread for enhanced durability and protection against flats on extreme mixed and hard surfaces
  • Contoured lug base promotes material ejection and defends against cracking
  • Robust carcass improves stability
  • Heavy-duty sidewall construction resists side impacts and deformation under heavy loads
  • Suited for customers looking to flat proof tires with urethane fill

WHL 773

  • Excels in rigorous and demanding job sites
  • Mono-block tread pattern provides optimal performance on hard surfaces
  • Designed to resist rubber chipping and chunking
  • Wide footprint ensures excellent stability in rocky abrasive conditions
  • High lug-to-void ratio provides durability and increased defence against tread impact


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