Camso Expands Peosta Manufacturing Facility

Camso is moving into a 240,000 sq. ft. facility in Peosta, IA, to support increasing demand for its track systems.

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Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, announces the relocation of its Peosta, IA, manufacturing facility to support the increasing demand of its track systems.

Camso will move to a 240,000 sq. ft. facility just across the street of its current location. Despite a tough agricultural economy in recent years, Camso continues to see a strong interest and need for tracked agricultural equipment. “Relocating gives us the opportunity to grow our Peosta manufacturing and storage footprint by 55%, and allows us the chance to increase our production capacity,” explains Patrick Fortin, Plant Director for Peosta-Agriculture at Camso.

The size of the new building will meet Camso’s current activities and will sustain the anticipated growth of the upcoming years. The relocation will be done in such a way to maintain Camso’s regular product availability. In addition to moving operations to a larger building, Camso is planning on adding machinery and equipment within the next years to keep expanding its track systems' production capabilities.

Camso’s track systems are recognized by farmers and OEMs for being top performing and reliable. Camso masters track systems production, from its own manufacturing of tracks in Emporia, KS, to the assembly of the finished products in Peosta and is always looking for better ways to serve its customers.

The Iowa Economic Development Authrority provided Camso with direct financial assistance to support this move as it will bring new jobs to the city of Peosta in the coming months and years.