Technology News Tracker: Drivetrain Electrification on the Rise

Development of electric drivetrains has increased in recent years as manufacturers have seen the efficiency gains which can be achieved.

Meritor and AxleTech, as well as OEMs including John Deere and Caterpillar are among the most recent companies to announce electric drivetrain development programs.

Proterra Inc.’s new DuoPower electric drivetrain system is nearly six times as efficient as a diesel-powered version; this is due to the use of regenerative braking and a two-speed capability which keeps the driveline in its most efficient range whether driving at freeway speeds or climbing up a steep hill.

Matt Horton, Chief Commercial Officer at Proterra Inc., says the company believes all of the transportation and heavy equipment markets are at the beginning of a complete transformation to full electrification. “Our view, long term, is that it will be very difficult to find a piece of equipment or vehicle that isn’t going to have an electrified drivetrain in it,” he says. 

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