Powering Tomorrow: The Move to Electrification and Connectivity

Exhibitors at bauma featured on battery-powered and connected equipment; CONEXPO trends in the same direction.

The 600-volt Caterpillar battery
The 600-volt Caterpillar battery
Caterpillar Inc.


Increasingly restrictive regulations continue to drive the move toward electric drivetrains for off-highway equipment and the need for connectivity to monitor assets for efficient operation. These two trends were dominant during bauma 2022 and are predicted to be during CONEXPO-CON/AGG (CONEXPO) and International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE).


During bauma, multiple component manufacturers featured electric equipment in their booths. Several announced new products during the event. This included Caterpillar Engines. The team presented its new batteries front and center.

The batteries are available in 48 volts (32 kWh), 300 volts (64 KWH) and 600 volts (64 kWh). According to the Caterpillar experts, these sizes provide the flexibility of use in many different vehicles in the construction, industrial and off-highway markets.

Other exhibitors that presented new electric products included


Connected equipment and the Internet of Things (IoT) were also prevalent during bauma. Efficient operation is critical to help with emission control. With the IoT and cloud storage, adding sensors and other instrumentation to mobile, off-highway equipment.

Partnerships with Trimble were announced during bauma including work the team is doing with Junttan Oy, Vögele and ABI piling and drilling machines.

In addition, part of Caterpillar’s powering today conversation was connectivity for engine health monitoring. The telematics data gathered from the engine allows:

  • End users increase their uptime
  • End users increase productivity
  • Caterpillar to be more proactive in the servicing of its engines

Many other component manufacturers are adding their own connectivity or partnering with technology developers to include IoT assets on their systems. This includes John Deere Power Systems, which plans to expand its telematic technology offerings to John Deere-powered equipment through Connected Support.

Trends at CONEXPO

The bauma trends will continue during CONEXPO and IFPE. Our team looks forward to talking with experts during the event to share new equipment and technology that can help you improve your off-highway components.