SKIM-Smart KAn Interface Module

Kongsberg's Smart KAn Interface Module, known as SKIM, enables engineers to design electronic control systems for specific applications.

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Kongsberg's SKIM (Smart KAn Interface Module) empowers electronics by providing flexibility and control. The SKIM module provides engineers with the flexibility and freedom to design electronic control systems for vehicular applications and stand alone applications.

  • Interfaces between external devices and a CAN (J1939) network
  • Configurable I/O’s (Input/Output) accept either analog, digital or frequency input signals or can generate frequency or PWM output signals
  • Communicates with other CAN-based modules
  • Each I/O can be individually configured as either an Input or an Output with the PC Configuration Tool
  • Also designed for universal (12/24VDC) applications
  • Features IP67 rating to provide extended service life in harsh environments
  • Available in either two or eight I/O’s (depending on model)
  • Integrated mounting holes and wire tie locations provide easy mounting in any application
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