Nanodiamond Polymeric Heat Sinks for LEDs

The Carbodeon nanodiamond polymeric achieves a 20% increase in polymer thermal performance.

Nanodiamond Enhanced Polymeric 11569770

Carbodeon nanodiamond polymeric heat sinks for LEDs can now achieve a 20% increase in polymer thermal performance.

  • Uses as little as 0.03 wt. percent nanodiamond material at 45% thermal filler loading, enabling increased performance at a lower cost than with traditional fillers
  • Latest refinements in materials and compound manufacturing enable 70% less nanodiamond consumption and thus, greatly reduced cost
  • Performance improvements are partially derived from the extremely high thermal conductivity of diamond
  • Optimized surface chemistry drives particles to disperse and become consistently integrated throughout parent materials, especially polymers
  • For more demanding requirements, conductivity increases of as much as 100% can be achieved using 1.5% nanodiamond materials at 20% thermal filler loadings
  • Increase in thermal conductivity is achieved without affecting electrical insulation or other mechanical properties of the material
  • Well suited for a wide range of electronics and LED applications
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