The Battery Show will highlight the latest advanced battery innovations

The Battery Show 2015 will introduce several new battery technologies for the electric and hybrid vehicle market.

The Battery Show

Advanced battery specialists, engineers, executives and critical facility managers will gather this week at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI, to discuss solutions that address the evolving demands of each of these leading edge industries.

The Battery Show 2015, along with its co-located events the Critical Power Expo and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, offers a full-to-capacity exhibition floor which is free to explore, plus 17% increase in registrations over last year, and cover all the latest and hottest topics in advanced energy solutions and vehicle electrification technologies. 

Featured exhibits and technologies at The Battery Show include:

  • EnerSys, who will be exhibiting a full range of new and enhanced battery solutions at booth #1705, including Hawker Aviation battery, ODYSSEY Performance SeriesT Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery, EnForcer IMPAQTM high-frequency modular charger, PowerSafe V Front Terminal 12-volt battery and VaultFlex thermally-managed modular enclosure.
  • Siemens will exhibit complete solutions that demonstrate how the company’s technologies have allowed OEMs and System Integrators to reduce cost and time to market through optimization and process improvements.
  • Texas Instrument’s (TI) booth will showcase wireless mobile phone charging equipment. TI will be offering Qi compatible wireless charging pads. If visitors are unsure if their phone is compatible, they can stop by booth #2147 to talk with power experts on getting their device connected. TI will also be giving away charging receivers for you to take home, that way you can draw wireless power from any Qi compatible transmitter.
  • Charlotte-area energy company, Carolina Energy Distributors, has provided expert battery product offerings, customer service and industry knowledge since 1992. In order to meet the demand for greener energy options, Carolina Energy Distributors has launched the RELiON battery brand, carrying North America’s largest stock of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Applied Energy Solutions will be displaying their brand new Battery Information Transmitter in action, as well as the Superion Lithium Ion Battery Charger and the their most popular chargers: the Workhorse 3TM, Maverick High Frequency Opportunity Charger, Quarterhorse Opportunity Charger.
  • Saft Batteries will be profiling its Li-MnO2 Primary Lithium Cells: LM cell range expanded and production capacity boosted. Saft has added three new cell variants to the existing range of LM cells – the LM17500 (A size), LM 26500 (C-size), LM 33600 (D-size). This extends its capacity to cover all requirements from 0.5 – 33 Ah (Amp-hours) to meet a broad range of customer applications. in addition, Saft will profile their Rechargeable Medium Prismatic Li-ion Cells. Their ground breaking Li-ion cell technologies push operating temperatures to new extremes: New “xtd” version of MP Integration cell delivers high performance and reliability at temperatures from - 40 to 85 C with exceptional operating life; New “xc” version delivers superior performance for operation in cold environments with temperatures as low as - 50 C.
  • Brückner will present the patented semi-dry Evapore process for a most efficient separator film production, latest film stretching technologies for the wet battery separator production process and coating solutions for separator films used in high end applications.
  • Thermotron will display a 23-inch touchscreen demo of its exclusive, intuitive 8800 Controller. Users can manage and monitor all testing profiles, graphing and data from one device.
  • BMZ USA will be profiling its new 6.3kWh ESS 3.0 lithium energy storage unit offers exceptionally high performance in a modern, aesthetically pleasing design intended for residential and small commercial solar PV installations, although usable in other types of renewable energy. The ESS 3.0 is scalable to a total of 12 units with an additional Master Module add-on, for a total of 75 kWh of storage, and is the ONLY lithium battery certified by SMA America to work with Inverter models 4548-US and 6048-US.
  • KISSLING have announced its new high voltage relay, specially designed to meet or exceed the most demanding requirements in critical applications on hybrid and electric vehicles. The brand new high voltage relay aims to resolve the difficulties that occur with increasing high-voltage applications (over 250V) in buses, fleet vehicles and other heavy equipment, where the arcing that occurs while switching high voltages can destroy the switch contacts. The KISSLING high-voltage relay can switch up to 15,000 times under a full load of 500V DC at 300A current.
  • PyroPhobic Systems Ltd, will display Lithium Prevent technology in booth 1828. Lithium Prevent is an intumescent, fire resistant thermoplastic that is formed into injection molded pack for use in containing run away lithium battery fires. Lithium Prevent has been independently tested and has been evaluated by NASA.
  • Lithium Balance has released a new Fast Charge Interface for vehicle side implementation according to CHAdeMO and COMBO standard. This product is a unique opportunity for vehicle and battery producers to incorporate this in existing as well as new systems with CAN based BMS.
  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients will showcase its BondwellTM BVH9 CMC high-purity aqueous binders for natural graphite anodes, which improve high-speed foil coating and binding strength to deliver excellent capacity retention and coulombic efficiency. The company’s polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) polymers improve binding on ceramic-coated separators with outstanding coating uniformity and thermomechanical stability.
  • Flux Power (Booth #1823) has developed and launched an advanced lithium battery which is a dramatically superior alternative to lead-acid batteries used in a wide range of material handling and tug and tow equipment. The Flux LiFT Pack combines the benefits of lithium-ion with Flux’s patented software Battery Management System (BMS) and engineering design to deliver a much longer run-time and battery life-span battery at much lower cost.
  • Orion Engineered Carbons (Booth 1758) will offer Specialty Carbon Black grades that improve the performance of lead acid batteries and lithium ion batteries, are easy to process in battery pastes, are globally available in large volumes and have very high purity levels. They enable dynamic charge acceptance and improve cold crank performance in advanced lead acid batteries for high rate partial state of charge applications.