lithium-ion battery for its NITE no idle systems

Bergstrom offers lithium-ion battery for its no-idle systems.

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Bergstrom Inc. and Johnson Controls-Saft have developed a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery for Bergstrom's NITE no-idle truck systems to improve power efficiency, provide longer run times and enhance the environmental benefits of the units.

  • At 110 lbs, Li-Ion battery weighs 63% less than the traditional battery
  • Provides 16% more power, has 20% less volume, and an estimated lifespan of six to eight years
  • As a battery-powered, no-idling system, the CARB-approved NITE units generate high BTU cooling capacity without releasing damaging emissions
  • Li-Ion available in late 2010 as an option for all NITE no-idle systems
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