Total Truck Heat System

Idle Free Systems' Total Truck Heat System eliminates the need to idle a vehicle's engine to heat the vehicle cab.

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The Total Truck Heat System from Idle Free Systems Inc. completely eliminates the need for discretionary idling in cold weather conditions. 

  • Coolant heater and auxiliary AGM battery work together to provide heat for both truck’s sleeper bunk and engine
  • Ensures an easy start in cold weather
  • Independent auxiliary battery separates heat system from truck’s electrical system to ensure vehicle will always start
  • When driver initially shuts down truck, system collects residual heat generated by engine
  • Circulates heated coolant through bunk’s heater core, cab’s heater core and engine block
  • Electrical energy needed to move coolant, monitor coolant temperature and maintain interior climate control is provided by independent auxiliary AGM battery
  • When coolant temperature falls to 140 degrees, system’s ultra-efficient diesel-fired coolant heater is automatically activated
  • Capable of producing more than 17,000 BTUs per hour
  • Uses less than 12 ounces of fuel per hour if run continuously
  • Provides power to system for 10+ hours and never compromise truck’s starter batteries
  • Auxiliary AGM battery is automatically charged whenever truck's engine is running
  • Optional programmable timer can be programmed to turn on at a designated time, eliminating the need to plug a truck’s block heater into a 120V outlet
  • Coolant heater pre-heating engine block ensures entire engine block will be heated, not just area where electric block heater is installed


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