Ultanium Lithium Lead Acid Batteries

Navitas introduced its latest line of lead acid batteries, Ultanium, at The Battery Show 2014.


Navitas Systems LLC has unveiled a line of Lithium lead acid batteries called Ultanium.

  • Same size as popular military and commercial/industrial lead acid batteries
  • Designed to work with existing lead acid chargers for a seamless drop-in replacement
  • Targeted for high volume military and commercial/industrial market segments
  • Provides a stronger, longer lasting and considerably lighter battery option
  • Features improved in cycle life, runtime, capacity recovery and requires less charging time to reach a given amp hour performance level
  • Offers nearly 50% faster in ampere hours to full state-of-charge than traditional lead acid batteries
  • Easier on vehicle's electronics systems because voltage throughout the discharge doesn’t fade unlike lead acid batteries
  • String of batteries is 50% more compact when needing to add batteries for meeting a particular run time objective
  • Weighs 50% less than the competition, offering better driving dynamics and fuel consumption under rigorous conditions
  • Three versions available to start 
  • 24V lithium 6T version is targeted to the 24V electrical systems of military vehicles
  • Vehicle maintains 24V system even if one of the 24V batteries fails, which is a reliability advantage for military applications as failure of current 12V batteries would cause the system to fail
  • 12V lithium 6T battery that can be used in either military or in commercial starting/deep cycle applications
  • 12V Group 31 battery is optimized exclusively towards deep cycle (in contrast to starting) applications
  • Integrated battery management system provides high safety along with recharge compatibility with any lead acid application



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