Forsee Power Equips New Electric Bus by Portuguese OEM CaetanoBus

Foresee Power is providing its Flex 7 range of battery systems for use in CaetanoBus' first electric bus, the e.City Gold.

Forsee Power

Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems for urban mobility solutions, announces its partnership with CaetanoBus, the leading Portuguese manufacturer of buses and coaches, to equip its first electric bus, the e.City Gold bus.

CaetanoBus will soon deliver 21 buses to the cities of Porto and Braga in Portugal.

"As the clean transport revolution goes from strength to strength in Europe, Forsee Power is consolidating its position as a key stakeholder in the energy transition and the switch to electric mobility. These challenges are crucial, and we must make our contribution alongside the rest of the ecosystem, which is why we are very proud of this new collaboration with CaetanoBus, a flagship European company," says Forsee Power CEO Christophe Gurtner.

e.City Gold runs on Forsee Power batteries

Just like other European market leaders, such as Wrightbus and Heuliez Iveco, the Portuguese bus and coach market leader CaetanoBus is working with Forsee Power batteries for its new e.City Gold bus, underlining the firepower of Forsee Power in the European electric mobility market.

With the possibility of embedded energy from 100-250 kWh, the Flex 7 range of battery systems has been specified for the e.City Gold bus on the basis of their power/energy combination. Installed on the roof and in the rear of the bus, they offer an operating range up to 200 km, that can be increased with intermediate charge. 

The e.City Gold city bus is 12 m long, 100% electric and can carry up to 88 passengers.

“CaetanoBus promotes close collaborations with its suppliers in order to provide increasingly competitive products. We have selected Forsee Power for our battery technology, in particular because of its capacity to design and develop unique and customized solutions that best fit our needs. Further to this, we consider Forsee Power has the technical skills and experience to respond to the most demanding urban mobility solutions,” explains José Costa, Head of electric mobility department at Caetano.

Forsee Power... the market's most comprehensive range of public transport batteries 

The Pulse range 

The Pulse (power) range developed by Forsee Power offers bus operators the option of fast charging (3-5 min. in the bus station, 15-25 times per day). This range can also be used with hybrid and fuel cell powered buses. 

The Flex range

In a 150 kWh Flex battery system, one battery can provide the power to cover more than 320 km per day with top-up charges. Wrightbus operates precisely this type of system in Milton Keynes using a 120 kW induction charging system capable of delivering a 40% charge in 30 minutes.

The Zen range 

The Zen range delivers even more energy (300-500 kWh) at lighter weight. 

"Our agile and innovative teams are focused on maintaining the optimum power/range/lifespan/safety/reliability balance. With its range of different battery technologies, Forsee Power now has the most comprehensive range of batteries for the transport market, and can therefore respond effectively to every bus electrification need. We even go beyond battery technology, because we also offer solutions for finance, second life battery management and battery end-of-life processing," concludes Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, Head of the Smart Transport Division at Forsee Power.