C527 14V 360A Alternator

C.E. Niehoff introduces its C527 14V 360A alternator, which offers a high output of 170A idle.

C527 10682138
Ce 10055144

C.E. Niehoff & Co. introduces its C527 14V 360A alternator which is designed to provide high output, 170A at idle, for the commerical vehicle industry.

  • Optional battery voltage/temperature sense regulator allows for battery charge rate optimization in all climates and operating conditions
  • J1939 compatible
  • Brushless construction eliminates rotating windings, brushes and slip rings
  • Provides increased durability and extended service life
  • Eliminates arcing and reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Direct interchange design is compatible with 190 mm standard pad mount
  • Overvoltage cut-out circuit (OVCO) turns alternator off during high voltage conditions, for protection from voltage transients that threaten sensitive vehicle electronics
  • Modular rectifier assembly is equipped for easy servicing and reduces repair costs
  • Long-life bearings have high temperature grease and are heat stabilized for extended service life in hot engine compartments
  • Features low internal operating temperature
  • Requires less engine power to produce electric power 
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