Custom Variable Speed Drives

Zero-Max's Custom Variable Speed Drives are designed to provide accurate and repeatable settings in precision farming equipment.

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Zero-Max designs, manufactures and assembles Custom Variable Speed Drives that meter and dispense seed and fertilizer guided by global positioning systems.

  • For use with the latest precision farming equipment
  • Provides accurate and repeatable speed settings to optimize seeding and fertilizing process  
  • Used as prime mover connected to a motor, or as a secondary drive connected to a shaft in the machine’s driveline
  • When used as a prime mover, the drive acts as a variable speed device
  • When used as a secondary drive, it becomes a variable ratio device
  • Permits slow or fast, small or large speed changes
  • Variable speed feature allows for more accurate settings for map-based feeding and seeding process
  • Can be designed to accommodate varying terrain and soil conditions where real-time changes in fertilizer output are required
  • For seeding, the drives are flexible, reliable and precise to help accommodate the narrow time-window for best seeding and for different application rates
  • Available with many design options that handle different power inputs using chain, belt and couplings
  • Compact and lightweight drive designs are also available and special drive designs that mount easily in most positions
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