Phillips Industries Introduces V-CHECK II Battery Status Indicator

Phillips Industries has released the latest version of its battery status indicator, the V-CHECK III, which digitally monitors battery power.

Phillips V Check Ii

Phillips Industries has introduced the next generation of its V-CHECK battery status indictor, a simple device that gives an immediate signal of available battery power. The V-CHECK II digitally monitors the state of power for any battery, particularly lift gate batteries, to ensure all work that needs to be performed can be performed. If the V-CHECK II signals less than optimum power, the battery can be charged before a situation occurs where battery power is required but not available. 

The Phillips V-CHECK II features a large display surface for the digital readout of the battery state of charge. Both the voltage measurement and percentage of battery life remaining appear every 15 seconds. The Go/No-Go LED light feature instantly shows if the battery is ready to complete the day’s work. Green indicates available power 12.6V to greater than 15V, yellow between 12.4V and 12.5V and red below 9V to 12.3V. It’s simple to install and gives the vehicle operator information that is critical to minimizing downtime caused by lack of battery power to complete required tasks.