Truck-Lite adds 18 new LED products to Signal-Stat line

Truck-Lite announces 18 new Signal-Stat products through the addition of integral flange and low diode product lines.

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Truck-Lite Co. LLC, a worldwide leader in heavy-duty lighting and visibility systems, has announced the release of 18 new LED products to its Signal-Stat line. The new product expansion can help reduce customer costs while maintaining Signal-Stat quality standards, including full epoxy potting to protect the circuit board - a feature that no other economy lighting manufacturer offers.

"We want to get LED lighting on every truck on the road. In the long run, LEDs have lower costs and require less maintenance, but more importantly, they are safer for everyone on the road. This Signal-Stat expansion makes LED lighting even more accessible," says Bob Ives, Executive Vice President of Business Development.

The expansion comes in the form of two additional lines - integral flange and low diode - with products in the Marker and Clearance, Stop/Turn/Tail, Front/Park/Turn, and Back-Up lighting categories.

The integral flange expansion includes 10 part numbers that bring additional housing and mounting options to the Signal-Stat line, adding a molded polycarbonate flange and housing to existing light designs.

The low diode expansion line, with eight new products, is engineered with fewer LEDs, reducing costs and providing customer savings. 

"As LEDs become more commonplace, the market has demanded options. Customization is the future of the industry. Every driver has a different truck; every truck uses a different lighting setup. We are engineering - and will continue to engineer - options," says Brian Kupchella, CEO of Truck-Lite.