Optronics honored with Altec supplier award

Optronics was a recent recipient of Altec's QCDS award which honors suppliers who meet or exceed the company's performance expectations and requirements.

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Optronics International, America’s largest offshore vehicle lighting manufacturer, announces it has been presented with Altec’s prestigious QCDS Award, the highest honor for Altec suppliers. The award was presented in recognition of Optronics’ ability to meet and exceed Altec’s expectations and requirements in four key areas of performance. Optronics lighting products are standard on all Altec vehicles and Altec attributes Optronics’ continued success as a favored lighting supplier to its efficiency and competitive spirit.

The Altec QCDS Awards are part of an ongoing program designed to recognize and reward exceptional performance by suppliers in the areas of quality, cost, delivery and sustainability, as highlighted by the program’s acronym, QCDS. The QCDS Awards are given out at Altec’s biannual Supplier Summit, which was held this year in St. Louis, MO.

Awards are given to suppliers who strategically align with the company’s QCDS business goals, and award recipients are chosen exclusively by Altec’s six commodity managers. The commodity managers may reward suppliers in any of the categories they oversee, but are not obligated to reward suppliers in any category unless they deem it appropriate. The commodity manager who nominated Optronics gave only one award among many categories under his jurisdiction.

“Optronics continues to show exemplary performance as a lighting supplier to Altec,” says Troy Hutchcraft, Commodity Manager for Altec Industries Inc.. “Optronics’ ability to maintain high quality standards, preserve cost stability, achieve consistent on-time delivery and demonstrate business stability and sustainability have helped make it and keep it the standard lighting brand on all Altec vehicles.”

The Altec QCDS Award was accepted on behalf of Optronics by its National Sales Manager, Ted Saltzman, during Altec’s Supplier Summit Award Banquet on May 5, 2015. The diamond-shaped crystal trophy recognizes Optronics as a QCDS category winner and reiterates Altec’s commitment to excellence.

“I’m honored to accept this trophy on behalf of Optronics International,” Saltzman said. “Optronics is proud of its track record with Altec, and we look forward to our continuing collaboration with the company as its primary lighting supplier.”

As Altec’s standard lighting supplier, Optronics interacts technically with the company and plays an integral role in Altec’s vehicle lighting strategy. Optronics also prides itself in bringing new and innovative lighting solutions to Altec as they become available.

“We are pleased that our uncompromising standards for quality, cost, delivery and sustainability have earned us the distinction of being an Altec QCDS category winner this year,” says Brett Johnson, President and CEO of Optronics International. “We look forward to continuing to bring the utmost in value to our relationship with Altec for years to come.”