Posital launches support program for system integrators

Posital's new support program for system integrators provides real-time prices and lead time estimates, as well as access to the company's knowledge database with application success stories.

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POSITAL-FRABA, a manufacturer of position and motion sensors for industrial motion control and safety systems, has launched a new support program for system integrators. “System integrators are very demanding in terms of performance, price and availability,” explains Patrick Maxwell, Product Officer at POSITAL–FRABA. “We have strengths in each of these areas and want to help our customers, both in terms of finding the right products and getting the most out of them.”

Like other potential buyers, system integrators building complex manufacturing, packaging or motion control systems have access to POSITAL’s online Product Finder system which helps users to search through POSITAL’s enormous range of product offerings, quickly zeroing in on devices that meet their specific project requirements. The newly announced support program will provide partner system integrators with real-time prices and lead time estimates. Other benefits include preferred pricing and product discounts, free online or in-person training, and access to POSITAL’s knowledge database with industry-specific application success stories. In addition to all this, POSITAL will also forward leads to partners, based on their geographic location and industry specialization. This will help system integrators to launch new applications in high tech markets and gain access to potential new customers.

POSITAL’s portfolio of sensors includes rotary encoders (absolute, incremental and ‘hybrid’ absolute/ incremental), inclinometers (tilt sensors) and linear position sensors. These products are used in motion control systems for industrial robots, packaging systems, medical equipment and mobile machinery for the construction, mining and energy industries.