New Technology Features of Cat CD54B Help Improve Productivity

Caterpillar's new CD54B includes new technology features such as Auto-Adjustable Compaction and Machine-to-Machine Communication for improved operator productivity and paving consistency.

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The new Cat CD54B tandem vibratory roller, introduced for the European market and competing in the 8-11 metric-tonne size class, features 1,700 mm (67 in.) drums, high-flow water-spray system, hand-wheel steering, and Cat Compaction Control enhancements that help operators perform at higher levels. Technical enhancements include Auto-Adjustable Compaction, Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping, Machine-to-Machine Communication, and Compaction Meter Value (CMV).

Auto-Adjustable Compaction

Designed for simple operation and optimum compaction to help lower the contractor’s costs, the Auto-Adjustable Compaction (AAC) system delivers the highest amplitude possible without decoupling or over compacting. The AAC system uses both front and rear drums and can adjust through the full range of amplitudes in as little as four seconds to promote uniform compaction throughout the mat.

Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping

Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping systems provide real-time visual references for passes made and mat temperatures, reducing inconsistencies in the rolling pattern caused by operator distractions and fatigue, operator multi-tasking, and nighttime operation. Without the system, operators might question the stopping point on a previous pass or return pass, whether pass overlap was sufficient, or whether mat temperature was in proper range.

Machine-to-Machine Communication

The Machine-to-Machine Communication system assists in keeping rolling patterns coordinated by sharing coverage and pass-count maps via the operating displays of multiple machines. By viewing the color display, operators can monitor areas of coverage and the number of passes made. If a trailing operator identifies an area of missed coverage, the deficiency can be immediately corrected to ensure consistent coverage. The system facilitates echelon compaction when multiple machines are executing five- or seven-pass rolling patterns.

Compaction Meter Value

Compaction Meter Value technology uses a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure and record forces of the vibrating drums. A calculation derived from the recorded forces is used to create a unit-less value (composite stiffness value) that provides an indication of stiffness of the current and supporting layers beneath the drum. The system can use RTK-level accuracy to provide the highest level of satellite positioning and can correlate compaction, frequency, and pass-count data to specific locations.

Efficient power and Eco-mode

The Cat C3.4 engine, rated at 75 kW (102 metric hp), meets EU Stage IIIB emissions standards, and the engine's automatic Eco-mode operates at variable engine speeds to conserve fuel and lower sound levels.

Operator environment

Visibility and comfort are enhanced in the CD54B by the standard 180-degree seating and optional 360-degree positioning. New hand-wheel steering technology eliminates the front steering console, enabling the operator to monitor water-spray performance. An LCD display and push-button controls simplify operation and add to the comfort of the operating environment.

Compaction performance

The CD54B has pivot points at each drum for optimum control on small work sites and can be equipped with split drums that help eliminate mat tearing when turning. A wide drum offset of 1.3 m (51 in.) provides mat coverage to 3.0 m (9.75 ft.) for high production on thin lifts.

The two-amplitude, two-frequency vibratory system is designed for optimum performance on lifts of all thicknesses, and an adjustable auto-vibe function helps prevent over-compaction and is designed to deliver uniformity at the beginning and end of each pass. Automatic speed control facilitates maintaining impact spacing for optimal compaction performance.  

To ensure reliability, the water spray system is designed with dual pumps, triple filtration, adjustable intermittent operation, and an optional freeze-protection kit. Dual pumps provide back-up capability and alternate with the direction of travel to extend service life. Filters at the fill point help prevent clogging of the water pumps and spray nozzles. The adjustable intermittent mode conserves water and minimizes re-fills for optimal efficiency.