UQM Bringing Zero-Emission Electric Bus Technology to South America

UQM is collaborating with Creatti Labs in Colombia to bring electric transit bus technology to the South American market.

UQM Technologies Inc. has announced entry into the South American market with a key business relationship in Colombia with Creatti Labs SAS, an electric vehicle integrator that is designing the next generation EV transportation systems for Colombia and other South American markets. Creatti Labs and UQM are collaborating on an electric transit bus platform for the major bus operators in Cali, Medellin and Bogota, which are the three major transportation systems in Colombia. Early adopters of this program will take advantage of UQM’s advanced electric transit bus technology to replenish Colombia’s outdated bus fleets. In the forthcoming years, Creatti Labs plans on working closely with the major bus operators that will be bound by Euro 6 regulations to modernize their fleets in order to be able to continue operating their transit routes.

An initial UQM PowerPhase HD250 motor/controller system integrated with a two speed EV transmission has been shipped to Colombia and the prototype program is now underway for 2016. The next stages of the program are set to begin in 2017. This prototype system is the first of its kind in South America and is based on UQM’s industry-leading EV transit bus propulsion technology. In North America, UQM’s electric propulsion systems have set records for transit bus drivetrains by breaking the Altoona bus testing records, conquering steep grades, and setting efficiency and acceleration high marks. UQM powered electric transit bus technology has over 2 million miles of revenue service.

“UQM has raised the bar for the electric propulsion industry by producing the most technologically advanced and innovative electric drive motors and controllers in the industry,” says Joseph Mitchell, UQM Technologies’ President and CEO. “We are pleased to partner with Creatti Labs to enter the electric transit bus market in Columbia, which we believe will ultimately pave the way for further growth in the South American market.”

Jorge Andres Barrera, Managing Partner of Creatti Labs, says, “We researched electric bus technology around the world and selected UQM Technologies for their established propulsion transmission solution, as well as high-performance and industry-leading efficiency. UQM is the ideal drivetrain supplier for zero-emission buses to serve metropolitan areas with the challenging topography that is found in Colombia.”