Topcon Agriculture Cloudlynk-10

Topcon's Cloudlynk-10 uses updated Horizon software to connect X-Family consoles to the company's IoT platform, TAP.

Topcon Cloudlynk

Topcon Agriculture introduces the Cloudlynk-10, which adds cellular and WiFi capability to the X-Family consoles.

  • Allows producers to access TAP, XTEND and remote support
  • Uses updated Horizon software to connect X-Family consoles to Topcon Agriculture IoT platform, TAP, or other consoles via Wi-Fi
  • Global cellular contract for worldwide coverage
  • Provides connectivity with bi-directional data exchange and delivers console-to-console communication
  • Data sharing application is designed to allow seamless transfer of as-applied data from X-Family console into TAP with the touch of a button
  • Enables prescription maps created in TAP FMIS application and via third parties to be accessible to the console


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