Data Device Corp. RP-2A0000000X AC/DC Solid-State Power Distribution Unit

Data Device Corp.'s RP-2A0000000X AC/DC solid-state power distribution unit combines 115V AC and 28V DC functionality into a single unit.

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Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces the RP-2A0000000X AC/DC solid-state power distribution unit (PDU) that provides significant size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) savings. 

  • Combines both 115V AC and 28V DC functionality, along with high power density, into a single ruggedized, military-grade form factor
  • Provides a total power capability of 55KVA (115V AC) and 31KW (28V DC)
  • Enables significant SWaP-C savings compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, saving space for other components and expanded functionality
  • Compact, high density power control solution
  • Allows 7X power-to-volume and 5X power-to-weight savings compared with larger mechanical alternatives, enabling reduced space consumption and fuel costs, while extending mission range
  • Features 70% reduction in power dissipation
  • Energy savings through intelligent load shedding and prioritization
  • Can be programmed to support multiple platforms and varying mission requirements
  • Offers high reliability with 25x improvement in MTBF and rapid short circuit deactivation to protect wires, loads, and SSPCs
  • I²T overload protection avoids nuisance trips
  • Controlled rise/fall time for EMI reduction, reduced inrush currents, and reduced inductive transients during turn off
  • Provides prognostics/diagnostics data
  • Enables preventive and automated maintenance
  • Power profiling and analysis
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