MMP Brushed Right-Angled Gearmotors

The brushed right-angled gearmotors provide continuous output torque up to 443 in.-lbs.

Right-angled gearmotor
Right-angled gearmotor
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.
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Midwest Motion Products (MMP) offers brushed right-angled gearmotors which provide increased versatility, and the ability to be installed in tight spaces.

  • Output ratios from 3.7:1 to 2076:1
  • Fully reversible
  • Encoder and brake compatibility
  • High-volume capacity
  • Output speeds from <1-1,500 rpm
  • Continuous output torque to 443 in.-lbs. (50.05 Nm)
  • Current draw from > 3-11A
  • Input voltages from 12-90V DC
  • Keyed, 12 mm (0.47 in.) diameter output shafts
  • Compact and lightweight design
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