Brigade Electronics Event Data Recorder

Brigade Electronics' Event Data Recorder includes 1080p high definition video capture for clear incident recording.

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Brigade's compact, combined camera and recording system (EDR) provides evidence in the case of vehicle incidents.

  • Palm-size dash-cam
  • Easily attaches to windscreen, enabling recording of road ahead 
  • Equipped with high definition video capture and three recording modes
  • Front facing recorder stores footage onto micro SD card for ease of playback via a PC
  • Optional addition of second camera and audio recording
  • 1080p high definition video capture for clear incident recording 
  • 112-degree wide angle camera lens for maximum view 
  • 30 frames per second for fast, smooth images 
  • Four recording modes: Normal; Event; Parking; Emergency (button pressed by driver) 
  • Event recording uses shock sensor which enables 10 seconds before and after an event to be recorded 
  • Parking recording uses movement to engage event recording as above
  • Optional audio 
  • GPS module for location and speed tracking 
  • Software allows still images (JPEG) to be created with embedded date and time 
  • Optional second camera allows additional view to be recorded
  • Up to 4 hours recording on supplied micro SD card (supports up to 32Gb) 
  • Simultaneous normal and event recording 
  • Continuous recording with automatic overwriting of oldest data 
  • Viewing software allows two cameras to be viewed, alongside speed, G-force levels and location 
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