Sensors to reduce emissions on UK construction equipment

From stability controls to emission systems, Danfoss sensors are helping a leading UK construction equipment manufacturer meet the latest emissions regulations.

To meet increasingly tough safety and emission control regulations, construction equipment manufacturers are always fine-tuning their products to improve system performance. For one leading UK construction equipment manufacturer, this means incorporating the most reliable, high quality components available. The company began using Danfoss sensors in its stability systems in 2006, and were pleased with the results. So when the manufacturer needed to update its vehicles to meet the latest emission reduction requirements, it chose Danfoss to supply new temperature and pressure sensors.

The latest Tier 4 emission standards require manufacturers of new off-highway equipment to reduce emissions levels to 50 to 96% below those of existing diesel engines. For off-highway engine manufacturers, this not only involves changes to the engine design, but also the exhaust, gearbox and hydraulic processes.

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