POSITAL-FRABA introduces heavy-duty version of TILTIX inclinometers

POSITAL-FRABA's TILTIX inclinometers are now available packaged in extra-rugged die-cast sluminum housings designed to withstand impact loads from various objects.

Posital Fraba Tiltix Heavy Duty
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POSITAL-FRABA’s versatile TILTIX inclinometers are available packaged in extra-rugged die-cast aluminum housings designed to withstand accidental impact loads from tools, rocks or unsecured pieces of equipment. They also feature reinforced connection points for heavy-duty cables and connectors, mounting holes for 1/4-inch (M6) bolts and solid flanges that won’t be damaged by high bolt-tightening torques. These devices feature IP69K-rated protection from dust, water or high-pressure sprays. These ‘armored’ TILTIX inclinometers are ideal for control systems for construction and agricultural machinery, military vehicles, mobile equipment, drilling/mining equipment.

TILTIX inclinometers are available as single axis (360 degree) or two-axis (+/- 80 degree) models. The measurement cells, which work by monitoring capacitance changes that occur when a small spring-mounted mass moves in response to changes in position, withstand shock loads of up to 100g. Maximum resolution is +/- 0.01 degree and each device is temperature compensated and individually calibrated at the factory to ensure accurate measurements in any environment. DeviceNet instrument interfaces are available, along with CANopen, J1939, analog (voltage or current) and serial digital (SSI). Dual-output CANopen versions support daisy-chained cabling configurations that simplify wiring systems.