FRABA subsidiary CONISTICS wins Polish business award

FRABA subsidiary CONISTICS has recieved a business award for its quick growth within the Polish economy.

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The FRABA Group, an international supplier of industrial sensor products, announces that its CONISTICS division has received a “Business Gazelle” award from the publication Puls Biznesu. This award recognizes the fastest growing small to mid-sized enterprises in the Polish economy. For the CONISTICS facility in Slubice, western Poland, revenue increased by 150% between 2010 and 2012.

CONISTICS is responsible for the manufacture of products sold by FRABA’s POSITAL and VITECTOR divisions. The CONSITICS plant honored by the Puls Biznesu award was opened in 2006 in Slubice. This facility, which serves customers in Europe, the Americas and in Asia, embodies a highly innovative data-driven small-batch manufacturing system that supplies custom-built products at mass-produced prices. The process starts with FRABA’s online Product Finder system. Each time a customer selects a specific product (from over 100,000 possibilities) and places an order, the production system automatically generates manufacturing instructions and QA specs for the assembly workers. The products are built to order from standardized sub-assemblies. The time for order fullfilment is typically three to five working days.