Hoffman + Krippner highlighting new sensor technologies at Sensors Expo

At Sensors Expo, Hoffmann + Krippner will launch two new sensing technologies, as well as exhibit sensor technologies from three of its German partners.

Force sensor from Inelta GmbH
Force sensor from Inelta GmbH

Hoffmann – Krippner Inc. will be at the upcoming Sensors Expo event in Long Beach, CA, June 9 through June 11. In addition to demoing and launching its industry-leading SensoFoil and SensoInk sensing technologies, the company will be demonstrating high performance sensor technologies from three of its German partners.

This includes Altmann GmbH for advanced and high-quality potentiometers used for a variety of industrial equipment controls, steering and engine control for shipping, engine control for heavy equipment, and high precision wind detection. 

At Sensors expo, Hoffmann-Krippner will also be showing sensor solutions from Inelta GmbH that include highly sensitive yet robust LVDT sensors and load cells used for a variety of industrial, welding and testing equipment.

Hoffmann-Krippner will also be demonstrating sensor solutions from PIL GmbH – a leading supplier of highly accurate and robust ultrasonic sensors used for industrial automation.

According to Jens Kautzor, CEO of Hoffman + Krippner Inc., "We provide midsize German companies who have products with a synergy to ours a channel in the US. These are high quality products that are engineered exceptionally well, all made in Germany. In some cases these companies are actually the real manufacturers behind some very well-known industry brands. So in a sense we cut the middleman - and with recent exchange rate developments - we bring very competitive priced, highest quality products to the US."