Lord 3DM-GX5 Family of Inertial Sensors

Lord's 3DM-GX5 family of inertial sensors provide automatic compensation for noise and drift fora greater degree of precision.

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LORD Sensing MicroStrain has expanded its portfolio of sensors for the industrial off-highway market, including agriculture, mining, and construction, with the introduction of the 3DM-­GX5 family of inertial sensors.

  • Upgrades include improved performance through in-situ heading calibration
  • Automatic magnetometer calibration and anomaly rejection eliminate need for field calibration
  • Fully calibrated, temperature-compensated, and mathematically-aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system for highly accurate outputs
  • Provides automatic compensation for noise and drift, allowing a greater degree of precision
  • MIP communications protocol enables easy data acquisition and evaluation with higher reliability in communication and control
  • Withstands high variations in temperature and shock
  • Application examples include auto-steer, planting seeds to a specific depth, contouring land, and also autonomous grade control on digging jobs
  • Easily integrates into customer systems, allowing quick drop-in replacement into existing applications
  • Shares same miniature footprint and API as LORD’s earlier inertial line and has same mounting, connector and software as well as high reliability
  • Family includes GX5-45 GNSS/INS sensor which allows greater degree of precision by moving through terrain in 3D when GNSS signal alone is not accurate enough

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